Get Involved!

Want to help in the gardens? Here’s a few ways to get started:

1. Join us at garden hours
Garden hours are daily designated times when an experienced SLUGger will be working in the garden. No prior experience or knowledge necessary to join them! There is no time commitment – come for a half hour or four hours!

This summer, we have garden hours every Tuesday and Thursday  at 6:00. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday!

2. Come to a SLUG meeting
We have SLUG organization meetings every Wednesday, during the school year at 7pm in Youngchild 218. It’s a great way to hear about upcoming events in the garden and new projects in the works

3. Stop by SLUG House 
Catch a waft of chocolate peanut butter cookies, bread, or garlicky greens? Chances are they are coming from SLUG house – the white house on the north side of East Boldt Way between ORC and Sankofa.  Visitors are always welcome – especially if they are hungry!

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