Back At It

After a six-week stint in Northern Minnesota speaking French and cooking Italian (check it), I am thrilled to be back. As much as I will miss the trees, trails, and tirimisu of language camp life, there is something to be said for knowing where one’s tomatoes come from…

I have been back working in the garden for a week and a half now, and boy, do I have the other summer workers to thank for its current state of leafy-green lusciousness! Their hard work has truly paid off. We are harvesting pounds upon pounds of juicy tomatoes, crisp bush beans, tasty basil, and more. Much of this we are selling to Bon Appétit, and the other part at Griff’s Grill (outside the café on Wednesdays, 11:30am-1pm) or to our own SLUG co-op. Last week, we also had a number of visitors to the garden: a community group for high schoolers, a group of admissions counselors, and current freshmen, some of which helped us with weeding and planting. These exchanges withe the greater community are an important part of the SLUG mission, and sharing my SLUG story with others has been an excellent opportunity for self-reflection.

There is a certain naturalness to rising with the sun, donning a straw hat, and sticking one’s hands in the dirt. The occasional stinging insect or prickly plant is a small price to pay for the overwhelming sense of peace I feel every morning in the garden. The sun, the savory scent of dewy-fresh tomato plants, and sensation of contributing to something bigger than myself: this is why I SLUG.


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