July 4-July 8 Garden Update


It is the end of the fourth week of summer and things are growing and buzzing down in the garden.


June 17, 2016

We are very proud of all the weeding we have done in the garden. We created a new weed windrow on the north side of the Hoop House last week.  We are in the process of finding more hay to keep building it.

Beds 1-4 were full of weeds, but we cleared them all and were able to plant a bed of tomatoes, some radishes and mizuna.  We are very thankful for Rick from Produce with Purpose who gave us his extra tomato plants.  We were able to fill many more beds with tomatoes and are so excited to harvest them at the end of the summer.


We sold lots of chard to Bon Appetit!



Produce for our Wednesday sale and Griff’s Grill! Jenny said the peas were adored at Griff’s!

Our Wednesday sales and selling at Griff’s Grill have been productive and successful. It is always fun to see the smiles of friendly faces after we work  hard to care for the vegetables.

The bees are buzzing and we are preparing to harvest honey in the hopes of selling it on Wednesday!



Friday crafts-finally remaking the number signs!

We are excited for another week of tomato trellising, weeding, and planting!

Thanks for reading,


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