Meet the 2016 SLUG summer workers

We are caring for the Sustainable Lawrence University Garden this summer.

Come join us in the garden Monday-Friday, 6-10 am or Tuesday and Thursday evening between 6-8 pm.

We sell produce in the garden Wednesday’s from 8-10 am and outside the Warch Campus Center during Griff’s Grill from 11:30 to 1 pm.

Contact us at for any questions.

The 2016 SLUG workers:

Elana Lambert ’17

I am so happy to be here for the summer.  I love waking up with the sun, walking to the garden, getting dirty, talking with inspiring people, and challenging my mind and body every day.  We truly are growing with the vegetables and I feel lucky to be here.


Nicole Mitchell ’17

I’ve learned so much as a SLUGger during the school year, and I’m learning even more now that I’m in the garden every day.  It’s so much fun to see the changes day to day: new seedlings are sprouting up, greens are getting HUGE, and our weed pile is growing exponentially.  It’s only been a few weeks, but I already feel like my understanding of what goes on in the garden is much deeper.  I can’t wait to see what the summer brings!


Jenny Hanrahan ’18

It is amazing to get to experience the rewarding work of maintaining a garden like SLUG over the summer. It is also so nice to work with all of these inspiring and silly and wonderful people. We gardeners can form some incredible relationships both with the garden and with each other!


Peter Eriksen ’18

Gardening was a natural addition to my lifelong interest in ecology in general. I love gardening as an activity, and I’m also interested in improving SLUG in ways that make it more accessible and efficient. I’m attempting to become a novice mushroom farmer, having grown oyster mushrooms in the SLUG house over the year.


Anna Cohen ’19


I came to SLUG for the environmental aspect, but stayed for the community. Because our group turns over every 4 years, it’s important that the older of the group teach the younger, and I’ve experienced this first hand. I’m excited to learn new skills via this process and continue to grow my relationships with the plants and the people.


Thanks for reading!

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