Meet the team!

This summer, we have two lovely people managing the garden with the assistance of 3 grRReat interns. Meet the team! 

Aiden Campbell and Cate Bentley, co-managers:
Aiden, native to Fort Collins, Colorado, is majoring in Theater Arts. Cate, native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is pursuing a history major at Lawrence University. Both are going into their junior year, and have been a part of the SLUG fam since 2012. 


Jake Valente, pictured center, intern:

Jake is studying as a Russian/French double major. Hailing from Elgin, Illinois, (home of the plant that makes those big sweeper truck things!), Jake is interning this summer in SLUG, working about 10 hours a week. Also pictured are Gus Murphy and Ridley Tankersly, two members of the SLUG Summer Meal Plan Co-op, who volunteer weekly down in SLUG.



Tracy Johnson and Will Gislason, interns:
Tracy is from St.Louis, Missouri, and is looking to major in Linguistics and Russian Literature. She is also interning in the garden, waking up as early as 5am to come help the managers down in the garden! Also pictured is Will Gislason, SLUG’s final intern. Will is SLUG’s upcoming financial manager for the school year, and is majoring in both Environmental Studies and Biology. Both have dedicated a good part of their summer to helping the beautiful garden grow! 



Pictures from the week of 7/14-7/19 🙂

R1-05348-0008 R1-05348-0007 R1-05348-0018 R1-05348-0017 R1-05348-0016 R1-05348-0022

A group of lovely volunteers during nightly volunteer hours, which occur from 6pm-8pm.

A group of lovely volunteers during nightly volunteer hours, which occur from 6pm-8pm.



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