Purslane – the Clark Kent of Weeds

Purslane is the Clark Kent of weeds. It hides there in plain sight with its unassuming looks as just another green thing in the garden, but once brought into the kitchen – BAM! – it is the greatest ingredient and sometimes even saves the day. I learned about many plants while working in the garden this summer, but I have a special attachment to purslane. I had been hearing about this amazing purslane soup for the better half of the summer and finally decided to look into recipes using the secret delicacy. I entered the green into Food Gawker (as you do) and more recipes than I thought would popped up. I settled on purslane pancakes (http://www.hawberry.net/2010/08/23/purslane-pancakes ).

Best. Choice. Ever.

Although purslane does not carry a strong taste, the plant offered a light flavor that s enjoyed by all for dinner that night. I could have used spinach or kale for the meal, but why not use something that I can find for free in my own backyard?! Purslane saves the day and acts as a great substitute when there are none of the usual greens in the fridge.

I also consider purslane my personal superhero because, when I am far away from home (as far away from India!), purslane never fails to show up and provide me with a little comfort of home.



Purslane creeping along and blanketing the garden with its protection.



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