Meet the Summer SLUG Crew 2013


The Team (left to right) Annica, Corinne, Polly, Martha

Since the initiation of the SLUG garden on campus, students have had the opportunity to stay over the summer and manage the garden production, development, harvest, and market. Interested students write an application sharing why they would like to be a part of the SLUG summer team.  With the garden in full summer swing, the summer crew has a chance to develop, plan, and finish new projects in the garden.

This summer an enthusiastic bunch of ladies can be seen (and heard) jamming in the garden. Rather than introducing ourselves, we decided to introduce each other…

The ABC (DEFG)’s of Annica Mandeltort

Anthropology lover.
Beekeeping babe.
Crew and roller derby star.
Ever print-making.
From Libertyville, Illinois.
Going to India soon.

Ring the alarm, it’s Polly Dalton!

Hailing from Hartford, Wisconsin, Polly Dalton run the world (SLUG). This diva studies government at Lawrence, is crazy in love with tennis and biking, and constantly shares her halo of knowledge with those willing to listen. This past year Polly enjoyed studying in Copenhagen, an irreplaceable part of her life she never fails to bring up in conversation because she is still in love with her experience there. She cannot help but countdown to the day she can return! Until then, Polly continues to bring joy to and shower love on top of SLUG with her bright smile, enthusiastic singing, and creative energy. When not collaborating with the rest of the SLUG team, she is jumpin’ jumpin’ on any new project she can get her hands on. Flaws and all, this suga mama is an inspiration for all those independent women out there!


CORINNE ‘Independent Woman’ KOCHER

WANTED FOR: Being a French-speakin’, Senegal-lovin’, garden-tamin’, government-studyin’, cello-playin’, coffee-drinkin’, feminist babe from Crown Point, Indiana.

REWARD: An endless supply of morning glories
and lots of TLC

If Good Times were Burdock Roots
(The Life of Martha Allen)

There once was SLUG lady from Kansas
Her smiles and kindness were famous
Jigging along while taking out burdock
and caring for our magical beanstalk
she lived her life with great zealous


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