Saturday Mornings at the Appleton Farmer’s Market

For the past few years, SLUG members have been running a stand for Keune Authentic Foods ( at the downtown Appleton Farm Market. This is both incredibly fun and an unbeatable experience, diving into the Appleton community.  Working at the market is more than just a lesson in quick mental math and succinct explanations.  It is an opportunity to interact directly with people who are interested in good food and to share our collective passion for it.
This past Saturday, a man with three children in his wake stopped at the stand.  He was carrying a camera and they all paused by the stand while he looked at the produce.  He asked the kids if they knew what “organic” meant, they said no, so he asked me to explain it.  While he chose the perfect tomato, I described what organic farming meant and why we choose to farm organically.  He purchased the tomato and they all headed off into the bustle of the market.  Shortly after they left, an older couple that has been coming to the stand for years stopped by, filled their baskets and continued their shopping.   Being an established stand as well as a place where people feel comfortable coming with curiosity and inquiries makes the Farm Market a unique and inspiring experience.

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