The Faces of SLUG

Each year, a group of dedicated students elects to spend their summer maintaining the Sustainable Lawrence University Gardens.  I am pleased to introduce our summer gardeners, a fun, enthusiastic, and hard-working crew.  

Elise Massicotte

Major: Cello Performance
As someone who spends all of her time in the conservatory, getting outside in the garden is a welcome break.  I came to SLUG for the first time fall of my freshman year and discovered a love of beekeeping and getting dirty, as well as a great community of people.

Hava Blair
Major: Geology
I am thrilled to be spending a second summer in the garden working with such an amazing group of people. I have been interested in sustainable agriculture since my freshman year, and working in the garden has given me the experience and knowledge to move forward with local food projects and outreach around the Fox Cities area.  I love working in the garden because it provides a never-ending supply of sensory and intellectual experiences and interesting challenges.

Myles Wagner
Major: Environmental Studies, German

Myles comes from a southern suburb of Chicago, but has a love of forests, trees, and wild places. However, SLUG encouraged his interest in a broader spectrum of the environment and agriculture. Now he pursues a major in Environmental studies, along side his German major, and is dedicated to the people and plants of SLUG.

Adam Kranz
Major: Environmental Studies
Minors: Geology, Percussion
I am interested in the garden as a way for communities to get to know each other.  Gardening is an emotional and intellectual engagement with the living land, and it allows us to feed our families delicious food in an ethical and sustainable way.  I am particularly interested in bees, fungi, and the insane rush of life that is a compost pile.

Ashley Heun
Major: English
Minor: Theater

Growing up gardening was a dreaded chore amongst my siblings and I, well at least the seeding and weeding was however I was always willing to lend a hand during the harvest especially when we were at my grandparents’ house. Now that I am up at school spending time in the garden is my escape from the stress of school and the rest of the world, it reminds me of my childhood and the good times I had in my grandmother’s garden.

Hannah Plummer
Major: Environmental Studies
Minors: Music, Government

I became involved with Slug my freshman year; being a part of this nourishing community has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my time at Lawrence.  I learn something new in the garden every day (hairy vetch fixes nitrogen! Borage flowers taste like cucumber!), and always love visiting with the bees and weeding through the beds.

Ronan Christman
Major: Biology
Minor: Environmental Studies 
If you had asked me three years ago if you would find me in a garden, ankle deep in compost, I might have laughed out loud.  Luckily, my incredible freshman year roommate knew better. Though I always loved good food and the preparation of it, I was not involved in the production of it until I was introduced to SLUG.  It was impossible not to fall in love with the people, the space, and the food that comes from the garden.  Three years later, here I am.

Brenna Decker
Major: Biology
This summer I am the beekeeping intern. I have an interest in studying entomology in the future, and I am very exited that Lawrence now has hives on campus!
I have worked in the garden since my freshman year working mostly with the compost. Every Friday I would take a break from studying or practicing to take the pre-meal food scraps down to the garden. Since then I have been interested in vermicomposting, and have helped initiate the construction of a system inside our hope house. This summer has been a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of the garden as a whole. Now I have experienced the garden, the apiary, and a little part of the orchard.

Polly Dalton
Major: Environmental Studies, Government

Polly’s curiosity for growing led her to SLUG
The people and atmosphere felt like a warm hug
The weeds, compost, and bees
have her in dirt to her knees
but into her heart and soul the community has dug.


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