Better late than never

It is hard to believe we are already half way through the summer down in the garden.  We are continuing to prep and plant beds for the first time this season.  Each day we work not only to maintain the beds we have established, but continue to draw back the blanket of weeds and seed something new.

One of the most surprising things I have learned about the SLUG garden planning is process is our ability to plant so late.  Growing up I had always assumed things were planted in the spring, greened and grew in the summer, and were harvested in the summer. To make our produce more available to the Lawrence community we push our crop’s harvest as late as possible.  We have the opportunity to plant more and plant earlier, but let’s face it, even the nine of us can only handle so much kale, beans, toms, and basil at one time.


Reflecting on this revelation in our garden planning process, it seems just another example of how the best time to start things — is now.  It’s never too late to get going.

As a transfer student this year, one of my worries coming into Lawrence University was that I would join the vibrant atmosphere of college too late.  Sure, my first year was swell at my previous school.  Trying to find a place in this new scene could be difficult, especially when friendships and social groups have already been established. I decided to dive in to my first year here in Appleton — and the experiences and friendships I have made are refreshing and energizing to say the least.

There’s no better time than now.  Perhaps, something has been put off until now because the right time to start is now. When you feel that itch to begin or you sense the momentum pushing you to move, the time to seed and lay roots, the time to begin, is now.


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